Grow High or Go Home

It takes a village to raise a delicious drop. And our village is blessed with fertile volcanic soil, fresh air, plenty of rain and clever folk who like getting their hands dirty.

Cottle Wolly Lavender Farm, Crookwell

A rare union of beauty and purity… that’s not only lavender, but how the Carter family have been farming in the area for over 130 years. Their lavender thrives sustainably and without chemicals near the small and historic town of Crookwell. It’s picture perfect and the perfect ingredient for our beautiful Garden Envy Gin.

Hill Family Potatoes, Wildes Meadow

The Highlands are potato heaven - pure air, constant rain and nutrient rich soil - and the Hill family are spud royalty. Four generations have been digging up gold in the Southern Highlands since the early 1900s. All the finest crisps use their potatoes. And so have we, for our Potato Crisp Vodka. It's a first for both of us.

Southern Highlands Botanic Gardens, Bowral

Not many gins have most of their botanicals grown and picked in a botanic garden. But not many gins are from the Highlands, and few botanic gardens are like this one. The 15-hectare site in Bowral is run by the community, for the community, and it’s one we love to help grow.

Alto Olives, Crookwell 

Sunshine, clean country air, constant warm days, cool nights, and a family that really, really cares. It’s a recipe for stunning olives.  The picturesque ALTO estate comprises 20,000 olive trees of different European varieties, each chosen for suitability to the climate, oil yield, texture and flavour. The highest quality, by name and by nature.