What every great martini needs

High & Dry Vermouth

Our new vermouth is beautifully lean and super dry. Bittersweet botanicals create a little tartness and a drop of local honey adds a little sweetness. It's crisp and dry like a great white wine. Speaking of which, we used the delicious Pinot Gris from our good friends at Logan Wines as the base.

It brings out the best in our gin and vodkas. Together, they make Australia's best martinis.

As a fancy handmade product, sediment is normal. Refrigerate after opening for up to 3 months.

500mL | 20% Alc.Vol. | Free shipping on orders over $150.

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Your new best friend

Martinis, cocktails, soda... our new vermouth makes everything better.

5 parts SoHi Garden Envy gin, 1 part High & Dry Vermouth. These two together, just heaven. Shut up and try it.


High & Dry works wonders with either Potato Crisp Vodka or Extra Virgin Vodka. She's not fussy this vermouth, just fancy.


Oh yes you can. Spritz her up with soda. And garnish with an olive. So simple. So delish. SoHi.



Logan Wines

Peter Logan doesn't live in the Highlands, but he's just up the highway, and a NSW winemaking legend. We love his easy-drinking, European-style wines - red, white and bubbles. He'd never made a vermouth, so was thrilled to contribute his famous Pinot Gris, which can be found in Scandinavia, Japan, London and in our High & Dry Vermouth.

Our Growers

The Honey Thief

Deborah and Greg McLaughlin moved to the Southern Highland to live a sustainable and self-sufficient life. That included honey. A decade later, bees are now their (multi award-winning) business. We've used a mix of their Amber Eucalypt and Light Eucalypt in our vermouth. To all their Highlands bees that had to visit roughly two million flowers to make one jar, we love your work.



Up a level

We love an elevation.

Year after year, One Penny Red rates as one of the best wine lists in the country, curated by David Murphy, one of Australia's most respected sommeliers. So we're thrilled our wine-based vermouth is up on the list.

Downstairs it's a brilliant restaurant, upstairs is the fab bar. Up or down, everything goes down well here.