Specialty Martini Olives

O'live A Little

You have the perfect gin, vodka and vermouth for your martini. Don't f*** it up with the wrong olive.

Grown and brined by the multi award-winning Alto Olives, the flesh is firmer than your normal olive, with a crisp texture. On the palate, there's an intense olive flavour with nutty notes, balanced acidity and salt levels.

And if you want your martini extra dirty, there's no better brine to use. Go on, O'live a little.

330gm | Free shipping on orders over $150.

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Nature's diamonds

O'live A Little olives are the jewels that sit perfectly in your 24ct martini.

Surprise, surprise... our martini olives go extremely well in a martini. We like three. You'll see.


Put a little bowl on the table. Great to nibble on. Or pop extra into your martini. Don't judge.


Beyond the martini, they make a delicious savoury garnish. In a Bloody Mary, G&T or Vodka & Soda.



Alto Olives

Special martini olives. Who knew?

Alto Olives know, because they know a thing or two about olives. Regarded as one of Australia's best producers, they make all kinds of incredible olive oils and table olives, including magnificent martini olives. They've won every olive award there is to give, for good reason.

Soak it up.


Olsson's Salt

Brine needs salt, so why not have the best.

The Olsson Family have been making solar sea salt since 1948, so they know their salt.

No chemicals, just pristine Australian water, sun and wind. Working in harmony to create their world famous gorgeous flakes. And that's all Alto use to brine our martini olives. Just pure Olsson's Sea Salt, pure local rainwater. Nothing else.

And they're brined for a year. Just for a martini olive. So now you know, it's not just any martini olive.