Layers of lush

Red Pony Negroni

Our deliciously balanced Garden Envy Gin has been further layered by three vermouths - SoHi High & Dry Vermouth from the Southern Highlands, Cocchi Sweet Vermouth from Turin, and Dolin Dry from the French Alps. And with Campari from Milan, it’s a little bit bitter, a little bit sweet.

Blood orange, fresh orange and tart juicy rhubarb notes float out of the glass. Rounded red fruits and sarsaparilla across the palate, with a bitter gentian finish.

It’s a little bit of heaven.

500mL | 22% Alc.Vol. | Free shipping on orders over $150.

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Pure. Thoroughbred.

If you like a Negroni, you’ll love our Red Pony. Just a big block of ice and a fresh slice of orange.

Add some freshly squeezed orange, blood orange, or grapefruit. It’s almost breakfast.


Orange and dark chocolate works. Add 20mL of SoHi Highbrow Cacao Liqueur and you have a delicious dessert cocktail.


Make it a longer spritz by topping with soda. Or sparkly by adding champagne.


Our Growers

Heart Spring

So it’s ready to drink, we add the smallest touch of water to our Negroni. But not just any water. It’s naturally filtered pure spring water from deep beneath the pristine Southern Highlands, protected from direct sunlight and modern-era pollutants. Guarded by a stand of giant rainforest trees, the Heart Spring is a true, ever-flowing spring producing a lighter and sweeter taste than bore drawn waters. In or out of our Negroni, water never tasted so good.



The top of top shelfs

Halfway along Bellevue Road you arrive at heaven. A local cellar door, that only has the finest wines, spirits, beers, ciders, aperitifs and all other essentials. They taste over 100 new drinks a week and put the best drops on their shelves. That’s why you’ll see our Red Pony Negroni feeling right at home alongside some very good company.