So who’s SoHi?

Like many, we moved to the Southern Highlands for the good life. But it remained a little elusive for me. My wife and daughters quickly jumped on their passion - horses. Mine was equal parts garden and gin. 

While I knew good gin, I had no idea how to make it. And it couldn’t be any old gin. This was the Southern Highlands. It had to be the best.

Then Covid hit and the best in the industry - makers, storytellers, bottle designers, photographers, cocktail makers - had some spare time. I found my favourites and they were all up for making the best if I gave them free rein.

So I did, along with Australia’s best ingredients from growers in and around the Southern Highlands. 

The results exceeded all our expectations and I found the good life.

And you can too, in some very sexy bottles.

Alex Doughty - Managing Founder